Exxon Expanding to the Woodlands

Here at Bluebonnet Custom Pools Inc., we’re ecstatic to have the Exxon headquarters relocating in The Woodlands! The relocation of their headquarters is said to create a projected 2,200 jobs in the Woodlands and surrounding areas. This is great news for the entire city of Houston, as this new jobs will provide the area with an even more vibrant and bustling atmosphere, creating even more jobs to local businesses and allowing the expansion of national franchises to open a location in the Woodlands.

Exxon Expanding to the Woodlands

The massive new Exxon headquarters in the Woodlands is going to be located at I-45 and Grand Parkway, offering an amazingly convenient location to the employees located around the Houston area. The inclusion of this new building in The Woodlands is making the area compete more and more with the Energy Corridor in west Houston. Experts say that the Woodlands will still be able to preserve most of their pristine forests and tree life while continuing to expand the economic infrastructure of the area.

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